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What features does it have?
TurboPBX is a brand new business-class PBX service that provides all the features of a super-expensive on-site PBX at a fraction of the cost.
How it works
TurboPBX saves you money by routing calls over the internet rather than via traditional telephone providers.
Where can I use it?
TurboPBX is available to access and use globally wherever you have a broadband connection. You can bring a Wi-Fi phone or softphone with you on trips and begin making free or VoIP-rate calls from anywhere. The cool part is that the caller-id will appear as if you are in the office, even if you are on your boat!
What happens if I lose my broadband connection?
Because TurboPBX is actually hosted in our fully redundant data center, incoming phone calls will always be answered by your auto-attendant and voicemail system. With the call capabilities of TurboPBX, your calls can be forwarded to your cell phones should your broadband service experience problems.
What features does it have?
TurboPBX offers all of the features of a standard PBX. Here is a summary:
 Auto attendant
 Voice mailboxes
 Queues and Ring groups
 Call forwarding and follow-me
Numbering & international
Turbo PBX offers competitive rates along with terrific feature.
How do you ensure service quality?
Turbo PBX has deployed a proprietary network architecture that allows our engineers to monitor the entire network path from the PBX to your home or office. With this visibility we have the capability to quickly and easily change the configuration of your PBX deployment to resolve most issues.

Because we support and encourage the use of best-in-class phones, we eliminate many of the problems including echo and dropped calls, that occur when using traditional phones with Broadband/VoIP services