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TurboPBX service allows you to have the flexibility of an advanced phone system without the associated cost of ownership. TurboPBX is ideal for small companies that want to provide a more professional phone presence, or companies with a distributed work force. TurboPBX is available in the following configurations to meet your needs:
 Business Presence/Distributed Office
 Toll Bypass
Business Presence/Distributed Office
Support all your employess, no matter where they work, with one phone system. Enable FREE 3-digit dial by extension between all the phones, whether they are in the office next door or in another state.

All this and lowering your phone bills by up to 50%

Feature Business Presence Distributed Office
 Organizational Needs  Single extension, Single location  Multiple extensions in one or more locations
 Service  Hosted iPBX only  Hosted iPBX or managed onsite
 Base Price  $49.95/Month  $69.95/Month
 Installation Fees  Varies  Varies
 Month charge per mailbox/extension  $4.95
 Incoming Local  Unlimited  Unlimited
 Incoming Toll-free  Unlimited  Unlimited
 Outgoing Local & Regional  Unlimited  Unlimited
 US Long Distance  Unlimited  Unlimited
 International Long Distance  See Rates  See Rates
 Online Voicemail  Free
 Standard PBX Features  Included
 Advanced PBX Features  NOT Included  Included
 User to User  Always Free  Always Free
 Included Local Number  Yes  Yes
 Additional Local Numbers  $9.99/Month  $9.99/Month
 Billed  Monthly  Monthly
 Number of Outside Lines  2  5
 Additional Outside Lines  $14.95/Month for each additional line.  $14.95/Month for each additional line.
 Benefits  Great for small businesses that want to look big!  Ideal for businesses who want to optimize communication
Toll Bypass
The Toll Bypass service is for companies with multiple locations that want to retain thier existing phone infrastructure while still taking advantage of low cost VoIP calling.
 A local number at each location is called to reach the Toll Bypass System.
 From here, the caller is presented with a voice menu to reach the other locations.
 Upon making this selection, the remote office is called and the caller is connected.
Toll Bypass is an excellent starting point from which to migrate to a full VoIP system because you are using VoIP for the long distance component of the call.
Feature Toll Bypass
 Organizational NeedsService  Connects remote offices with regular phone lines
 Incoming Local  Unlimited
 Incoming Toll-free  TBD
 Outgoing Local & Regional  Unlimited
 US Long Distance  Unlimited
 International Long Distance  See Rates
 User to User  Always Free
 Auto Attendant, Queues, Standard PBX Features  Free
 Included Number  Local or Toll-Free
 Additional Local Numbers  9.99/Month
 Billed  Monthly
 Simultaneous Calls  5
 Additional Simultaneous Calling
 $19.95/Month for each Additional Caller
Cheapest calls between offices, lets you keep existing phone infrastructure but you don't have advanced PBX benefits